Five Window Styles Trending Now

Five Window Styles Trending Now!


The chance to build your dream home or finally start those renovations you’ve imagined for years isn’t one that comes around often. If you’re going to do it right, you want to find out what’s on trend and what’s in style, so we’ve taken a look at five of the most popular window trends today.


#1 Entry Door Windows

Your entryway makes a big statement about your home, and you want it to be as elegant as possible. Doors that make use of side windows can make your entrance more welcoming to your guests and make a difference when it comes to kerb appeal. Add elegance and hospitality to your entryway.

#2 Bay Windows

Ontario has a rich architectural tradition of bay windows, and whether you need to replace old bay windows in a classic “bay-and-gable” type home, or you’re building a new house that makes use of this gorgeous architectural style, Golden Windows has the answer. Bay windows are designed to let the light inside at all times of day, and energy efficient glass can help keep the summer sun from becoming overpowering.


#3 Skylights

Skylights can add more natural light to a top-storey room without sacrificing your privacy, so it’s a popular solution in denser urban and suburban neighbourhoods where you may not have the advantage of distance or trees. They can also be used to turn a finished attic into a bedroom, office, or playroom. You will have to check building codes, access, and safety when you’re finishing your attic, but it can give you valuable extra space in an older home.


#4 Architectural Windows

 Architectural windows and “window walls” are becoming ever more popular, especially in northern, colder climates like Canada, in large part thanks to new energy efficient windows that make them more practical design features. Many contemporary architects are building dream homes that blend the division between indoors and outdoors, creating “outdoor living rooms,” so to speak. They’re ideal for homes on large lots with big trees, lakeside homes, or for houses with pools and well-designed backyards or patios. Combining them with sliding patio doors helps open up your home to the outdoors in the summer months. Architectural windows are also popular in smaller, urban-lot, contemporary houses. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find custom windows in Kitchener from us that will fit your vision.


#5 Wood-clad Frames

 Living in an older, heritage home can be quite the experience: often found in the older parts of Ontario cities and towns, they have the romance of an era past with the amenities of modern urban living. But their old, wooden windows are not only prone to rot and mould, but they are also drafty. While you may be able to restore them, replacement windows may be your only answer. At Golden Windows, we use wood-clad frames with an aluminium core, giving them greater durability and low maintenance, without compromising the aesthetic dignity of your heritage home.


We are your window company in London, Kitchener, and Ottawa, ready with custom windows and doors that will complete your home. Talk to the Golden Windows team about your dream home or your next renovation and get contemporary styles that will look good for decades and improve the way you live in your home.



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