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Undergoing a big renovation can be stressful and overwhelming for a homeowner, especially when you have never taken on such a large project before. Instead of jumping right into the renovation, consider taking these steps to make sure that your money, time and energy aren’t wasted. Follow these four tips to avoid common renovation mistakes, so that you can end up with the best results for your home.

  1. Look For Problem Areas

If you are undertaking a large renovation, don’t start looking at interior design magazines for inspiration just yet — start by going around your property and making notes of problem areas that need to be fixed. Make a detailed list of major and minor issues that should be considered for your renovation, like outdated electrical panels, plumbing problems and drafty windows. Before dreaming of chandeliers or walk-in closets, you will have to use your home improvement project to fix issues that will become burdens if they are neglected.

  1. Plan For Practical, Not Pretty

Your top priorities should be practical and functional choices that improve the home — if design is of the utmost importance, focus on projects that can provide both functionality and beauty. For example, while windows and doors are essential for practical purposes like insulation and security, there is a huge selection of windows and doors that can also add polish, colour and style to your home. If you aren’t sure about what projects should be placed on or taken off your to-do list, ask yourself important questions like whether you use the element on a daily basis and whether you need it or simply want it.  

  1. Hire The Professionals

It is always wise to hire professionals while undergoing a renovation, even if you are confident in your DIY skills. Homeowners can do research and hire contractors, project developers, architects or designers in order to guide them through their renovation and make sure everything runs smoothly. These professionals will also use reliable manufacturers to provide the best materials possible — as an experienced window company in Kitchener and London, Golden Windows has been used by professionals doing home renovations for years. The entire process will be successful if you hire experts to work on projects that fit their specific trades instead of trying it yourself.

  1. Budget The Smartest Choices, Not The Cheapest

A home renovation is not the best time to try to find a discount — a renovation is an investment, so quality should never be dismissed in favour of a lower price-tag. It is possible to save money by finding the cheapest windows on the market and trying to install them yourself — but if you are looking to upgrade your windows for your home, foregoing a professional installation is not the way to get lasting results. When you try to find a loop-hole or go for the cheapest deals, you are likely to reduce the quality of the work, which you will pay for in the future.

Many people make this renovation mistake because they want to afford all of the plans that they imagined for their home — to afford the large quantity of the renovations, they will sacrifice time and value. This problem is understandable, but it will leave you with a long list of rushed and cheap fixes that will need more upkeep in the future.

If you follow these four helpful tips, you will have an easier time during your home renovation — there may still be hiccups and small problems, but you will be avoiding major mishaps that the average homeowner can make. Listening to these steps will make sure that your home gets the renovation it needs, while not going over budget or reducing its value.


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