How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Entry Door

Quality doors are typically durable enough to last for decades, but if you’ve recently moved into a home, it is difficult to know precisely when they were last replaced. Putting aesthetics aside, doors serve a variety of important functions like providing security and keeping you sheltered from the weather. When your front door has reached a certain age, it stops being reliable enough to perform these functions consistently. Have you, for example, ever had the heat turned to high over the cooler months, only to discover cold drafts finding their way in through the cracks? This is one of many signs that your entryway needs some renovation.

First you need to decipher whether you’re making excuses, or using band aids to cover up a larger problem. When you walk into your home for instance, have you gotten into the habit of lining the bottom of your door with a towel to prevent the hot or cold air from entering? Have you also opted to choose temporary solutions when you’ve encountered cracks, breaks or holes? If you see your door has reached a severely weathered state, don’t ignore it and wait until more serious issues arise. Proactivity can save you money in the long run.

Replacing your front door can be a big decision, but it’s important to consider the benefits of a brand-new door from Golden Windows. Once the replacement is complete you’ll enjoy optimal security, seamless and hassle-free entering and exiting, and a more welcoming appearance to you home. You may even save money on that utility bill should you choose to go with a model that is energy efficient.

For stylish and efficient entryway options, consider our GoldenClad and GoldenWood doors; both are manufactured locally in Kitchener and can be shipped across Ontario to you directly. The GoldenClad entry system is designed with a maintenance free aluminum-clad frame. To personalize it, we offer a selection of steel and fiberglass panel designs to best reflect the aesthetic and architectural style of your home. All of our entry systems designed with the Goldenguard sill, incorporating an energy efficient drainage system. Our GoldenWood doors feature a wood frame with brick mould, allowing you to choose from a variety of stains.

We understand that a pressing factor when replacing your front door is the installation – how long would it take? Should you contract it out? After all, you want someone competent who will complete the installation in a timely way; doing it right the first time. If you purchase your door from us we are proud to say that we can alleviate many of these stresses, as we are able to perform the installation ourselves. We know our doors best, and our certified installation team is both knowledgeable and experienced in installing doors of various shapes and sizes into many different types of homes. When it concerns a faulty entryway, don’t risk waiting until the last moment. In every case, a door replacement can go a long way, saving you costs in the long term and providing you with peace of mind.


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