Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

 Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Consider your door as the first impression of your property — the front door will be one of the first things that a visitor will see as they walk up to your front pathway. The exterior of your home should feel warm and inviting, welcoming people to come over for a quick visit. To give the entrance of your home more allure, install a new high-quality door.


What Materials You Can Get

Before making any plans for colours, hardware and other details, you need to decide what material you prefer when you buy a new door for your home. Your major options for door materials are wood, fibreglass and steel. Every material has appealing benefits that could suit your needs, so you should think carefully about the material you would like to install in your home.

Wood is the classic choice — wood grain is traditional and very attractive when it has a fresh coat of stain. Another underestimated benefit of wood is that it can be customized and trimmed easily, so changes can be made to suit a doorway of any size.

Fiberglass performs well in sudden climate changes so that it won’t warp or buckle. The material is difficult to scratch, dent and peel — perfect for a spotless surface. Fiberglass is also a great choice because of its insulating properties, making it ideal for cold winters.

Steel is a low-maintenance material that is very durable. It also can be painted over easily — this is an excellent benefit for those who want a lot of design options. 


Doors at Golden Windows

Here at Golden Windows, we have two types of entry systems for when you buy a new door for your home: GoldenWood and GoldenClad. GoldenWood entry systems have wooden frames along with a brick mould. The standard exterior and interior frame is made with finger-joint pine, but can also be made with clear pine, clear oak and clear mahogany. GoldenClad is designed with a maintenance-free aluminium-clad frame and offers steel or panel designs.

For GoldenClad doors, you have standard frame colours like black, golden white, sable and taupe. If you want a bolder look for the exterior of your home, optional frame colours include leaf green, slate and old-world blue. Custom colours are always an option if you feel like your home deserves something more unique to stand out from your neighbours.



After investing so much effort into choosing and installing replacement windows and doors for the front of your home, you still need to invest in one more thing: presentation. If you want a simple look, you can make sure that your front porch is clean and that a dusted welcome mat is placed directly in front of the door.

If you want to add more vibrancy, consider using natural decorations like plants to bring colour and freshness to the front of your home. For the warmer months, you can place pots of beautiful flowers on either side of the door. As long the plants are watered, they should bring brightness to your front porch and add to your curb appeal. You can still decorate the front doorway with plants during the winter season, as long as your purchase the right ones — winter-friendly plants like boxwood hedges, Japanese yews or Ligustrum all thrive in the colder months. The bright green of the plants will make your front porch pop, especially when everything is covered in white snow.

Buying a new front door is a big decision because it is the centrepiece of the exterior of your home. The front door is the piece that will improve your curb appeal and make your home look inviting. Here at Golden Windows, we want you to have a front entrance that feels warm and welcoming.


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