Curb Appeal Tips For Every Season

If you plan on putting your house up on the market, you will need to entice as many potential buyers as possible with curb appeal. A home’s curb appeal is the attraction and interest it generates to a passerby — it’s the first impression that a house makes before someone even enters the front door.

You can increase your curb appeal by replacing, decorating and cleaning the most visible elements of the front of your home. Here at Golden Windows, we understand the power of a stylish set of new windows or a revamped front entrance — you can see how good our windows and doors look
by checking out the online gallery or visiting one of the local showrooms. The ways that you can boost your curb appeal depend on the time of year, so here is a list of seasonal home improvements to try when you want to put your house on the market.

For Winter
Have lights installed along your front entrance to highlight your property — this is a particular issue for creating winter curb appeal because the season has the fewest hours of daylight. For an easy and festive improvement, you can use string lights to illuminate your home during the darkest time of the year.
Other curb appeal improvements to make during the winter season:
•    Shovel and de-ice your front porch and walkway
•    Remove large icicles from the roof and railings
•    Add seasonal décor to your front entrance like holiday wreaths or ribbons
For Spring
Spring is the perfect time to install new replacement windows to make your property shine — you can get the finest replacement windows in Kitchener, London or Kanata to help with your curb appeal. New windows can add a lot of flair to the front of your house, especially when you choose a dramatic size or design. To draw more attention to your new windows, add lush window boxes with flowers or brightly painted shutters.

Other curb appeal improvements to make during the spring season:
•    Deal with damages left by winter, like dead patches of grass
•    Make your windows shine with a good wash
•    Use a power-hose to spray dirt off of your walkway and porch
For Summer
One of the most popular curb appeal tips for homeowners is getting rid of an old door and installing an attractive replacement. Most people can’t tell the make or material of a door from far away, so impress them with a bold and eye-catching colour — you can learn more about us and the variety of door colours available by exploring the website or calling for a consultation. If you can’t have the door in a splashy colour, you can emphasize the doorway by painting the trim or space around it.

Other curb appeal improvements to make during the summer season:
•    Landscape your front yard so that it looks fresh and beautiful
•    Keep all plant-life watered and looking as green as possible
•    If you have a grassy lawn, you should keep it consistently trim

For Fall
When you put festive décor on your front porch, steps and walkway, you increase your curb appeal — these little details add character and warmth to your property. During the fall, you can place seasonal gourds on your porch or set out some classic decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Other curb appeal improvements to make during the fall season:
•    Rake dead leaves from the front lawn and walkway
•    Replace any summer flowers with autumnal plants
•    Clean out debris and grime from your gutters

No matter what time of year it is, you can make major and minor fixes to improve your home’s curb appeal. These seasonal changes will make your property appear cleaner and more inviting to anyone who walks by. A handful of renovations, some decorations and a bit of elbow grease can help your home make a wonderful first impression.


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