Energy Efficient Windows Let You Choose Bigger And Bolder Designs

Building your home is a dream come true for many and an opportunity to make your residence a unique piece of contemporary architecture in the city or a suburban dream home built to accommodate your every desire. One popular feature in contemporary home design is giant windows, particularly in homes with a spectacular view of a body of water or other natural features. Whether you’re planning to incorporate large windows into a house inspired by traditional architecture or large, flat plane windows into contemporary design, you may be concerned about the cost of controlling the temperature inside. Given the climate of Southern Ontario, where summers regularly hit 30°C and winters can plunge below -20°C, climate control is a legitimate concern to anyone who wants to incorporate giant windows into their home design.

Windows create a bridge between the inside and the outside, between the public sphere and the privacy of your home; they open your home to the street or to the landscape outside, but they are also the public face of your residence and some of the first features that passersby notice. Given their importance, it can be difficult to make any aesthetic compromises to economize your future hydro bills.

That’s why so many contractors and builders turn to Golden Windows when they’re building custom homes – we provide custom windows and doors for any project and offer energy efficient products that will keep your heating and cooling bills down. Using top-of-the-line, Energy Star-approved technology with Low Emissivity coatings and gas filling, our products can help you control the climate in any home, reduce your energy consumption, and live comfortably, no matter how you decide to design your windows. Energy efficient technology has freed builders in more northerly climates to experiment with window design and use bigger, bolder fixtures to open up the interior of homes and make a statement.

If you’re working on a unique home building project that requires custom windows or energy efficient products, send us a message and we can provide a quote. Professionals can view all our architectural drawings, product specifications, performance information, and installation instructions on the Golden Windows website, and we encourage them to get in touch for special projects. Besides energy efficient glazing, any of our windows can be made with your choice of frame materials in either of our three series: aluminum-clad, vinyl, and wood.

Stop worrying about hydro costs getting in the way of your dream home design, giant windows, and impressive vistas of the landscape around your lot. Energy efficient windows have created a world of new possibilities for homebuilding and design in Canada; all you need to do is visit a Golden Windows showroom or get in touch with us to find out how you can make your vision come to life within your budget. Get the windows you want without worrying about rising hydro bills or inclement weather by buying high-performance installations that help you manage the temperature inside.


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