5 Interior Design Tips For New Windows

When you get new windows, you will have the perfect opportunity to flex your interior design skills and decorate your space. Think of a window as a glass canvas that you can adorn and embellish when you are swept up by creative inspiration. If you don’t know where to start, here are five simple ways that you can decorate the interior of your home with windows.

Stylish Windows

The first way that you can decorate your space with windows is by getting the window to act as the decoration. Golden Windows has a variety of architectural and picture windows in different shapes and sizes — some custom windows Kitchener has to offer are gothic, arch, ovals, segmental and geometric shapes. Or you can choose windows that really make a statement, like a set of bay or bow windows overlooking a backyard or front garden. You can also install windows in artistic ways, like a row of three picture windows perfectly aligned on the wall. Explore the Golden Windows website to find the latest replacement window options available, so that you can plan exciting ways to use them to boost the look of your interior space.

Window Dressings

You have a lot of options when it comes to dressings for your window — you can select shades, blinds, shutters, curtains, drapes and more to cover your window. Explore the wonderful range of prints, patterns and colours that you can choose to make your window the focal point in a room. A lush floral pattern or vibrant red will make sure to draw the eyes of any houseguests directly to that beautiful spot.

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods can be an unexpected way to introduce more decoration into your space — the detail will add a little extra polish to the window’s makeover. You can have sleek modern curtain rods or intricate ones that look positively regal, as long as it reflects the general atmosphere of the room and style of all the other furnishings. Make sure to measure the length of the curtain rod before purchasing and installing it — having the rod look too long or too short will upset the presentation of the window.

Colourful Trim

The window trim is usually ignored during the renovation process, but it shouldn’t be — the trim is a fantastic way to put in an accent of colour. Painting your trim white or neutral is a completely expected move, so after you install new windows in your Kitchener home consider doing something new by adding a fun pop of lemon yellow or a sharp shade of red along the trim. If you want an even bolder look, you can paint the trim in a shade of black and have it really stand out from everything else in the room.


Window benches work best with expansive pieces like bay or bow windows, and are excellent opportunities to decorate. Add some colour to the bench by placing a comfortable mattress along the top, then toss on embroidered throw pillows and folded reading blankets. Benches can have drawers installed underneath for storage, or they can have small shelving units to hold rows of books — this idea is convenient for those who want to use their window as a tranquil reading corner.

You can use one or all five of these window suggestions to decorate the spaces inside of your home. Instead of seeing your windows as simply a part of a room, see them as an excuse to get creative and show off your innovative style.


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