How To Prepare A Home For Seasonal Problems

There are many home improvements that should be completed in order to protect a house from specific seasonal problems. With the right precautions and renovations, a property can be fully prepared for the obstacles that appear throughout winter, spring, summer and fall.


A property should be built to anticipate winter issues like freezing temperatures, strong winds and heavy snowfall. The best way to combat the cold is to insulate the home with high-quality windows and doors — with the right replacements, the freezing air can’t leak indoors. When selecting windows for a renovation, energy-efficient ones with low-emissivity glazing and plenty of weather-stripping are best for the winter. Entrance doors should be made with materials like fiberglass or steel, which are known for their excellent insulating properties.

Other winter issues:

  • Frozen pipes, which can burst if neglected
  • Ice dams on the roof
  • Damage from winter storms like fallen tree limbs
  • Moisture damage from excess precipitation



Most of the spring home problems relate to moisture damage from melting snow and ice, along with excessive amounts of rain. Leaking windows and doors can lead to moisture seeping into the surrounding frame, which can cause warping, wood rot and even mould. A way to shield the indoors from moisture leaks is to make sure that your high-quality window replacements get the right installation. Here at Golden Windows, we want homeowners to avoid trying window and door installations on their own, as the task is better left to expert builders and renovators. In order to do the best possible window installation, building and renovating professionals can download installation instructions from the website — as long as the instructions are followed and the window is properly sealed, the window should function perfectly.


Other spring issues:

  • Pools forming in the front yard because of spring “thaw”
  • Flooding in the basement and subsequent damages
  • Pest and insect infestations
  • Water stains and mould growth on walls and ceilings



A major problem that comes with the summer season is sweltering heat and humidity — for some homeowners this problem goes beyond physical discomfort, it can be downright dangerous for infants, the elderly and for those with breathing problems. Many homes use cooling appliances like air conditioning, electric fans and ceiling fans to combat the overwhelming heat, but their windows and doors could still need an upgrade. Similar to the winter issue of cold air leaking indoors, the heat can creep indoors if a home has low-quality windows. Energy-efficient windows are essential tools for homeowners in the winter and summer — call us for a consultation to discuss the windows for a home renovation.


Other summer problems:

  • Infestations of ants or termites
  • Insects like flies, mosquitoes and bees entering the house
  • Moisture damage and flooding from heavy rain and storms
  • Electrical blackouts and brownouts



A lot of problems with this season relate closely to the ones in the winter, because winter problems like cold snaps, snowfall and ice can come at the very beginning of fall. Winter weather can start far earlier than December 21st snow falling in October is not unheard of in the province of Ontario. A home should be properly protected with high-quality windows and doors, along with insulated and sealed walls to keep the heat in and the rodents out.


Other fall problems:

  • Infestations of rodents like mice and rats
  • Uninspected chimneys which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Temperature fluctuations that can warp wood


Canadian weather can be difficult and very fickle, which is why Canadian properties need to guard against all of the problems that happen with each season. The right renovations can prepare properties for winter, spring, summer and fall so that homeowners can feel comfortable all year round.


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