How To Prepare For A Window Installation

If you are renovating your home and replacing your windows, your installation can happen with minimal impact so long as you take the right steps to prepare ahead of time. Hiring trained professionals, scheduling your installation in advance and clearing the area will help your window installation run smoothly.

Hiring Certified Installers:

When you are purchasing new windows for your home, it is highly recommended to hire a certified window installer. Golden Windows not only manufacturers windows in our Kitchener facility, but also has a team of certified professionals who install windows and doors for homeowners.  If you decide to hire another contractor for your window installation, professionals can download installation instructions for a variety of windows and doors. Having easy access to this information should help to minimize errors during the installation.


Plan Your Schedule:

One of the best tips for homeowners preparing for a renovation is to plan ahead of time so that they avoid obstacles — this will help make the installation as stress-free as possible. When you are scheduling your installation day with the professionals, make sure to choose a time when you can be home. You do not need to hover over the installers as they do their work, but you should be near-by so that you can assist with any of their questions.

Other important scheduling tasks that you should remember to prepare for your installation date:

  • If you have children, plan ahead to have them taken care of during the installation.
  • If you have pets, arrange to keep them away from the work area.
  • If you are using a Golden Windows installation team, your installation date will be set ahead of time, so that there is no miscommunication about the scheduling.

Protect Your Furniture:

Installers will need plenty of space to get the job done safely and efficiently, so one of the important steps you should take ahead of time is to move any large furniture away from the windows. In order to protect furniture from dust and debris, you should cover the items with drop cloths or plastic sheets — this is especially helpful for any pieces that are made with materials that are difficult to clean.


The steps mentioned above might seem like a lot of effort to invest in a renovation, but these precautions will help you avoid common miscommunications and mishaps. These extra tasks will prevent any unnecessary stress or worry during the installation so that you can feel nothing but satisfaction with your new windows.


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