How To Spruce Up Your Log Home With Wonderful Windows

If you are planning to renovate your log home, you will want windows that suit the rustic atmosphere and natural beauty of your surroundings. Golden Windows offers their GoldenWood® and GoldenClad® collections, which feature natural wood options and can be customized to fit your renovations needs.

Before you start your renovation, here is a list of design options that you should think about.

Take In The View

If your log home is facing a rolling grassy field, calm lake or a lush expanse of trees, you will want to maximize that beautiful view! The perfect style of windows to show off your incredible landscape is to install bay or bow windows in your log home.

Bay windows are a set of three or more connected windows that dramatically protrude from the façade of the home. Bow windows are very similar to this design but instead of being angled at 30 or 45 degrees, the windows are set in a delicate arc.

Since bay and bow windows protrude from the exterior façade, they make a small alcove in the room which you can transform in your interior design plan. For a designated office space, insert a customized desk to fit in the alcove so that you can peacefully finish your work. You could also create a reading corner by revamping the alcove into a window seat — cover the seat with soft cushions, warm flannels and pillows for when you feel like escaping into a book. It’s also possible to convert the window bench into a simple storage area by hollowing out the top, inserting drawers or creating shelves — it would be an ideal spot for books, board games and even winter gear like ice skates and snowshoes.

Add Some Extravagance

Architectural and picture windows will add plenty of dramatic flair without clashing with the rustic style of the space. The exterior window frames can be aluminum clad for optimal performance while the inside frames can be made to match the charming wooden interior of the log home. Golden Windows offers their GoldenClad® product line which showcases versatility with a beautiful wood interior and maintenance free, extruded aluminum-clad exterior. The best part about these types of windows is that you can choose whatever style suits your personal taste — there are hundreds of standard sizes and a variety of interesting shapes and colours for you to choose from.

Some shapes or styles that could spruce up the log home:

  • Oval
  • Elliptical
  • Segmental
  • Octagon
  • Extended Gothic
  • Extended Arch

You can always customize your architectural and picture windows so that Golden Windows can build them directly for your home — window styles and shapes can be mix-and-matched to make interesting combinations as well. If you want to see some of the creative possibilities, visit the Log Home Gallery on the Golden Windows website. You can draw inspiration from these examples and customize your own renovation project.

Let The Light In

Another brilliant idea for your log home renovation is to install skylights and filter natural light into your rooms. Skylights are ideal for filling your space with sunlight during the day. At night, they present a lovely view of the moon and stars. If your log home is surrounded by forest and are not receiving enough natural light, skylights are a fantastic choice to brighten up your space.

While you are planning your renovation, keep the above suggestions in mind to showcase the best features of your log home. Choosing the right style, shape and colour of high-quality window replacements will set off the rest of your home and increase your curb appeal.


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