How Windows Can Help You Breathe Easy

It’s easy to appreciate windows for the gorgeous views, natural light and insulation that they bring to a property, but there is another element that is often taken for granted: air quality. High-quality windows can improve air ventilation and circulation so that the indoor air is fresh, healthy and clean. If you want to make sure that the air inside your home is safe to breathe, here is a list of windows to choose and why.


What is poor air quality?

The air quality in a home can become poor when any potential exit is sealed, allowing everything inside the property to recirculate with no escape. Imperceptible elements like dust, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, smoke, pet dander and odours continue to build up when there is no access to proper ventilation. There are several signs that you should improve the ventilation and air flow in your home, like the atmosphere feeling stale, frequent coughing, dry and cracking skin and trapped odours.


What windows can help?

There are specific window designs that can improve the ventilation of a home and increase air circulation so that stale air can escape the confines of the house. Here at Golden Windows Limited, we carry the three best styles to maximize air flow and purify air quality in a home: awning, casement and double-hung windows.

Awning Windows

This style of window opens from the bottom outwards to encourage outside air to come inside of the house. The awning window has a top-hinging feature so that it can create ventilation, even when the weather conditions are bad — the style can be helpful even when it’s raining, hailing or snowing outdoors.


Casement Windows

This style is similar to the awning window but instead of hinging from the top, this style hinges from the side — with a casement window, a homeowner can open the window completely and direct the air flow indoors. This design is especially helpful during the hotter times of the year when a breeze can prevent a room from feeling stifling.


Double Hung Windows

The double hung window is equipped with a top and bottom sash that can be opened simultaneously. Opening both sashes is a fantastic way to maximize ventilation and encourage air flow because it ensures an entrance for fresh air and an escape for stale air.


Other Window Styles

Any style of window that can be opened in order to entice fresh air and release stagnant air is suitable for improving the air quality in a home. Awning, casement and double hung windows are ideal for this situation, but styles like single hung and slider windows can also get the job done. To find out which particular style will fit your home and your personal taste, you can always discuss your options with one of our sales representatives. For those who live in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, visit Golden Windows in Kitchener or call 1-800-265-2290. We also have additional showrooms in London and Ottawa.


What if you don’t improve the air quality in your home?

Poor air quality can impact the health of everyone living under your roof, particularly if they already have respiratory problems — including common problems like asthma and allergies. According to a survey run by Statistics Canada, over two million Canadians over the age of twelve were diagnosed with asthma in 2013. Dusty and stagnant air can irritate and inflame these respiratory conditions to the point that it becomes difficult for the person to breathe.

If you find that you are often coughing, scratching your skin or clearing your throat, your home’s air quality might be a problem. The right set of windows will improve the air flow in your entire house so that you can breathe comfortably all year round.  


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