Our Beautiful Custom Doors and Windows Double as Money-Savers

Renovations are hard on everyone from homeowners to first-time buyers and beyond. Figuring out exactly what needs to be replaced in a housing structure requires you to measure, or least estimate, how well it’s performing, what kind of efficiency standards it is or isn’t meeting, and how profitable a high-performing replacement might be in the long term. While it might seem cheaper, in the short term, to fix minor issues, patch up wooden frames, and repair broken glass, it doesn’t bode well for long-term spending or for energy savings. Patches and repairs can’t change the quality of the glass or its insulation properties, and will simply prolong the amount of time you spend paying for heating and cooling that is leaking out. Lots of older window frames also cope with moisture badly, and rot from the inside out when faced with incessantly rainy or snowy climates.

Once it’s clear that your existing windows and doors need replacing, either because of cracks, air leaks, or general inefficiency, which can and does end up costing the owners of older houses thousands upon thousands of dollars in energy bills, you should know your product options. Just knowing what you’re looking for in terms of shape or material is enough to get you started on our website, because our product lines are organized to give you as much information as possible on efficiency technology, material quality, and unit features.

The right window can completely change the way a room feels! Open up your options and try lighter colours, wooden frames, and new grille patterns to accentuate the natural features of your living space, kitchen, and bedrooms. With our GoldenWood line, you don’t have to worry about aesthetic consistency, because we offer the option of matching frame interiors and exteriors. Or, the GoldenClad product with a natural, unfinished pine exterior and weather-resistant aluminum cladding, you can have the best of both worlds and ensure that moisture stays completely sealed out of the unit no matter what kind of weather it endures.

The great part about choosing Golden Windows products is not only that the buying process is significantly easier, with experts available to assist you whenever needed, but also that these units are guaranteed to save you money as the years go on. We make products that last because renovations and homeowning shouldn’t be a constant pain. Additionally, the more well-made and long-lasting windows and doors are, the less material waste is created. Our manufacturing processes and green recycling initiatives are all streamlined to create the same result: less waste, user-friendly, low maintenance, and high-performance. All so that you don’t have to worry about your windows or doors for at least the next couple of decades!


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