Selecting The Right Windows For Your Home

Whether you’re building a home or replacing the windows in your current residence, it helps to know what your options are before you settle on a final decision. They come in so many different styles and functions that you may not even know what you’re missing; for example, while an architectural window adds a lot of character to your home, they may work best in a hallway, living room, front foyer, or top floor, while in the kitchen you may want a casement or double hung window that emphasizes airflow, helping you keep it cool and improving ventilation in the summer.

First things first, you should determine which types of windows will work best depending on your goals; below is a list of the options you can find at Golden Windows:

Awnings: These open from the bottom and pivot outward and they’re great at directing airflow into your home; our models use multi-locking and multiple weatherstrips to improve security and performance when you want to keep these shut at night and during the colder seasons.

Casement: One of the most common types used in modern houses, these are the windows that open up with a “crank” (also known as a roto-operator) and can be opened up completely, letting in cool natural breezes but still sealing perfectly with weatherstripping.

Sliders: Available in both single and double models, simply unlock and pull open horizontally, allowing you to open up your home to the fresh air.

Double Hung: Many people aren’t aware of the true value of double hung windows, which allow you to open both the top and bottom sash of a window, with modern versions allowing you to pivot sashes toward the interior, as well. They are great options for cottages or for homeowners that are conscious of their air conditioning use; by opening both top and bottom sashes, you create better conditions for airflow, where hot, stale air from the inside escapes through the top while the bottom allows cool, outdoor air inside.

Architectural: There is practically no limit to what you can do with architectural and picture windows and popular styles used by Golden Windows customers include gothic, arches, half and quarter rounds, segmentals, and many more.

Bay and Bow: If you’re looking to replace old, drafty windows in a heritage home, especially an elaborate Victorian or Edwardian-era home, both common to Ontario and commonly featuring beautiful bay windows, you can get energy efficient replacements in any style to fit your home. Consider including them in new homes, too, as they can create the feeling of a larger living room and be used to create breakfast or reading nooks.

The material of the frame is also an important decision and at Golden Windows we offer several options: our patented GoldenClad, GoldenWood, and GoldenVinyl lines. Aluminum-clad frames combine the best of two worlds, using maintenance-free aluminum on the exterior but visually appealing wood on the inside. Using fully wood frames, manufactured at our own mill to your preferred style, is a great option for heritage homes or log cabins, while vinyl is an affordable, low maintenance option that also comes with a high-performance rating on energy efficiency. If you’re still not sure which options are going to be best for your home, stop by one of our showrooms in Kitchener, London, or Kanata, and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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