The Differences Between Vinyl, Wood And Aluminum Windows

Golden Windows is known as an energy efficient window and door manufacturer in Kitchener, Ontario, and we take pride in the high quality of our Low-E, argon gas-filled, custom windows. However, we also use top quality materials and provide endless customization options for contractors, homeowners, and builders to choose from. For example, all of our windows are available with vinyl, aluminum, or wood frames, and if you as a homeowner or contractor aren’t familiar with the qualities of each material, you might not know what’s best for your scenario. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of the different frame materials we use in our high quality energy efficient windows.

Vinyl: The chief downside of vinyl is the aesthetics, but they are an affordable option that provide great performance when it comes to energy efficiency. They are the least expensive option that you can find on the market but they offer a number of additional benefits that any homeowner or contractor should consider when they are looking for replacement windows. First of all, they do not need to be painted and can come in a variety of colors; the color runs through the whole of the vinyl frame rather than just on the surface, so you don’t have to worry about it chipping off or becoming scratched. It also requires no maintenance from the homeowner after installation, saving them work down the road. Combined with Low-E glass, vinyl-clad Golden Windows are an efficient, popular, and affordable option for many homes.

Aluminum: Aluminum frames are more conductive than vinyl or wood and contribute to heat loss, but a thermal break can prevent heat from transferring between the interior and the exterior and maintain the efficiency of your Low-E Windows. Our Golden Windows clad frames actually have an aluminum clad on the exterior but a much more appealing wood on the inside, reducing the amount of exterior maintenance the homeowner will have to undertake without sacrificing their interior design.

Wood: Wood replacement windows take more maintenance than other types and it costs more than vinyl, but, like vinyl, wood scores well in efficiency. It does need to be maintained, especially in colder climates where thaws can expose it to moisture, but if you want the look of wood on the inside without the hassle of maintenance on the outside, wood-clad can be a great option as well. Wood is the preferred material for heritage homes, log cabins and cottages, and homeowners who want to create a more traditional or rustic look.

No matter which material you choose, our team will custom fit your frame for any style or dimension of window, including architectural and portrait, bay, awning, casement, skylight, and hung. Our expert technicians can also perform the installation for you to make sure that your windows look good, fit perfectly, and provide the kind of hydro bill savings that you expect from this kind of investment. Check out our window selection online or visit one of our showrooms located in Kitchener, Kanata, or London. We pride ourselves on always having the right window and door selection for your home


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