The Most Efficient Energy Star Appliances Of 2017

The Most Efficient Energy Star Appliances Of 2017


As a windows and doors company in Kitchener, Ontario that manufactures Energy Star products for your home, the team at Golden Windows is invested in energy efficient houses and the steps that families take to reduce their carbon footprint. Energy efficient windows and doors are a great way to save on your monthly bills, but they’re also not the only way. Energy Star, the international standard for energy efficient technology, recognizes top performing home appliances and products as the most effective energy savers around, and we wanted to let you know about them.

Washers and Dryers – It should come as no surprise that clothes washers and dryers are some of the biggest users of energy in the average Ontario home. That’s why Hydro One sends graphs that explain off-peak, mid-peak, and on-peak hours so that you can avoid doing laundry when hydro is at its most expensive.

Refrigerators – By Energy Star’s estimate, if you currently own a fridge that’s 25 years old, upgrading to a new, energy efficient model can save you $625 over a five-year period. As with so many appliances, the accumulated cost of running each one over a year is what makes your annual spending on hydro so expensive.

Computer Monitors – A desktop computer with an LCD monitor consumes up to 330 watts, which may not seem like much on a day-to-day basis, but it starts to add up when you look at your annual consumption. If you work from home (or you have a kid who studies, games, and chats all day long on a computer), based on 8 hours of use per day during Ontario’s on-peak hours, running a computer can cost up to $150 per year. You can find out how much it costs based on your computer usage, as well as information about an extensive list of electronics, using this energy calculator.

Windows – We weren’t surprised to see windows appear on Energy Star’s own Most Efficient Product list because windows are where homes lose so much of their heating. Renovating with new windows or doors will not only reduce your hydro bills, it will also make your home that much more comfortable by cutting down on drafts. Golden Windows products use argon gas and Low Emissivity coatings, as well as spacers, vinyl frames, and other insulating materials, to build better windows. Low-E coatings are an innovative solution to heat loss and gain. It is a microscopically thin coating that minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light (both short wave, i.e. direct sunlight, and long wave, i.e., the heat radiating from an object – like your furnace).

You can visit any Golden Windows showroom to check out new windows or doors in London ON, as well as Ottawa and Kitchener on any weekday. We manufacture all of our products in Kitchener and work in close collaboration with contractors and homeowners across Ontario and North America. You can also call or send us a message online about our Energy Star windows and custom doors. We even do professional installation – just pick out the windows and doors you want in your home, and we can install them.


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