The Trendiest Windows Of The Year

The home design and décor trends of the year are already being talked about in industry magazines and popping up across social media platforms. Soon enough, these hot looks will show up in renovated living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. If you want to know what this year has in store for window renovations and décor, here are the biggest trends of 2018.


The Biggest Window Trends Of The Year

Last year, builders and homeowners were seized by trendy ideas like stained glass and walls made of window panels. According to the predictions of Builder Magazine, professionals and homeowners will be looking for energy-efficiency, expansive sizes and sharp geometrical shapes for their window renovations this year. If you like the sound of these window trends, you can contact Golden Windows for help. There are plenty of high-quality windows and doors that will match with the latest home décor styles and a number energy efficient, expansive and geometrical window options available. You can look through the online gallery or visit our local showroom to get ideas.


Energy Efficiency:

At Golden Windows, we are strongly committed to sustainability and energy efficiency with our manufacturing practices, distribution processes and products. As an active participant with Energy Star, we work hard to reduce waste through our windows and entrance doors. Factors that help accomplish these sustainable goals include low-emissivity glass, Warm Edge Technology spacers and insulating materials. As long as the windows and doors are installed by trained professionals, they will shrink any homeowner’s energy consumption and limit environmental impact.


Expansive Windows:

Large picture windows are an excellent choice for any house with a minimalist interior design plan — the size of the window will make a bold statement, without needing any additional bells and whistles. Installing this type of window is a fantastic way to open up a room, create the illusion of more space and filter in more natural light. For something even bigger than a picture window, you can replace your entrance doors with sliding patio doors for a similar look. The polished design and clear glass surface will expand the area inside and outside of the house and bring in more sunlight.


Sharp Shapes:

If you want to find trendy windows in sharp geometrical shapes, look through the standard options for architectural windows or have shapes specifically created for your home. You can browse the shapes listed online or contact us today to discuss the possibilities for customization — think of angular designs like octagons, pentagons, hexagons, squares, rectangles or triangles. You can get a combination of two trends with a new bay window because it is simultaneously expansive and geometrically sharp.


Trendy Final Touches

When you decide to revamp your windows to fit the trendiest styles of the year, you will want to decorate them with the newest window treatments. According to home design experts, some of top window treatment trends at the moment involve colours like jewel tones, metallic and bright yellows, along with eco-friendly materials. If you want to consider painting the trim or creating an accent wall around the new window, the painting colours of 2018 include sage, dark plum, black, turquoise and ultra violet.


The window trends of 2018 are pointing people in the direction of sustainable, sleek and show-stopping renovations. These bold and brilliant styles may be the talk of the town this year, but rest assured that when the next year rolls around guests will still be impressed with your stunning windows.


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