Upset About Hydro Rates, Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Ontarians are up in arms over skyrocketing hydro rates and it seems that, despite promised rebates, real relief is a long way off – or may not come at all. Ontario’s hydro crisis is the result of several factors coinciding at once, including an oversupply of electricity that’s being sold off for less than it cost to produce, the province’s shift toward more expensive green energy like wind and solar, and generous salaries for hydro executives. If that’s made you mad, you’re not alone, but if you’re sick of paying exorbitant hydro rates, know that you don’t have to take it lying down. It might just be time to stop waiting for change at Queen’s Park and take matters into your own hands by reducing your electricity bill with a home renovation.

Windows and doors are some of the worst culprits for high bills and excessive heat loss in the winter, not only because they let in drafts as their weatherproofing weakens over time, but also because single and even double pane glass are responsible for large amounts of heat loss. Over time, caulking around your windows will also loosen and allow drafts to pass through, chilling your home through the colder seasons. If your windows haven’t been replaced or upgraded in the past 10 years or more, you are losing even more energy to the great outdoors due to degradation.

When the heat energy inside of your home reaches your window, ordinary glass will allow it to radiate outward – this quality is called emissivity. The Low-E glass used in Golden Windows products is a microscopically thin coating that makes glass reflective, reflecting both infrared heat energy from the interior of your home in the winter and reflecting back solar energy beaming into your home in the summer. It works just like a thermos, keeping heat in when you want the contents be stay warm and reflecting heat outward when you want to keep it cool by limiting emissivity.

In addition to a low emissivity coating, our windows also use an argon gas fill in the space between panels; argon is a noble gas that conducts a third less energy than ordinary air, helping slow down the transfer of heat into or out of your home. Argon gas is clear and odorless, as well as a low cost material, which makes it an ideal gas for window manufacturing.

If you’re doing a home renovation, it’s not recommended that you attempt a DIY installation, as a mistake can compromise the effectiveness of your new investment. But we do more than just sell EnergyStar windows at Golden Windows, we can also send a technician to your home to install them to make sure that you enjoy better temperature control in your home and lower hydro bills. Feel free to contact us at Golden Windows if you have any more questions about energy efficient windows, how they work, and how they can save you money. We have an extensive selection of styles and window types to fit any home renovation, plus cutting edge technology like Low-E coatings and argon gas fills.


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