Versatility is Everything When It Comes to Premium Windows

Builders and contractors know that once the plans are drawn up, the foundation laid, and the scaffolding put in place, the design sensibility behind any given house-in-progress must begin to come more visibly through in the most visible surfaces. Floors, walls, and ceilings make an enormous impact on the way space is perceived, and thus they can also create an immense impact on how people intuitively move through a home. A room feels smaller if it’s full of dark colours, for example, or if the ceilings are low or the lighting is harsh, and this makes a crucial impact on whether or not someone feels good in that space. In fact, it is a major deciding factor when it comes to finally selling a finished house.

Windows and doors are central to home design because they can create the illusion of extra space where, previously, there was none. Natural light is central to any sort of of contemporary home design, but understanding the mechanics of its movement during different seasons and the placing of windows accordingly can be the difference between an average room and one that simply feels more open, glowing, and alive. The quality of the frame, the installation, and the glass itself also makes an enormous difference while remaining incredibly low-maintenance, or maintenance-free. When you are outfitting a home with windows and doors, therefore, it makes the most sense to use premium windows that will add to the integrity of a space rather than taking away from it. Here at Golden Windows, this is where the collaborative nature of our system and our values is most evident.

The reason we quickly went from being a small manufacturer to a combined manufacturer, designer, and distributer with trusted partnerships to the best suppliers, dealers, and renovators in Canada and beyond is because we understand that there are so many different dimensions involved in creating a beautiful home. Providing the best premium quality window and door frames is one aspect, while treating our glass with Low-E glazes to prevent thermal transfer is another. Argon gas-filled double panes meet and exceed the strictest efficiency guidelines in the country, while maintenance-free options are available to replace older, draftier windows. 

Although all the technical knowledge that our team provides you with enhances the selection and installation processes significantly, what really counts is the fact that we have curated and designed a variety of solutions to meet your needs. This is what makes the product itself superior: that there is a wealth of options available to address not only the point from which you are starting when you come to us — whether you are designing, building, or renovating — but also to ensure that the details are always ones that will upgrade both home and lifestyle. That is why we provide everything from casement and awning windows to hung, bay, and slider options, with grille patterns, hardware options, and a variety of colours. To us, it is crucial that you feel your window adds more than only light and beauty to a room, instead making a trouble-free and energy-efficient contribution as well.


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