What Types Of Specialty Windows To Choose For A Renovation

Homeowners may not know the full range of window possibilities when undergoing a home improvement. The contractor leading the renovation should help their clients understand all of the window options out there and what perks each type of window can bring to a home.

Here at Golden Windows, we are aware that most homeowners stick to awning, hung, casement and picture windows for their home renovations. These window styles tend to be favoured more than other shapes and designs — as a source for new windows in Kitchener, Ottawa and London, we understand that the average person is unaware that other possibilities are even available to them. It’s important for homeowners to know about all of the specialty options that are out there, so they can make the right choice for their renovation — you can visit our local showroom and read the rest of this post to find out how to talk about these windows with your clients.

Part of your role as a renovator involves helping your client articulate their desires for their home — at times, a homeowner will know what results they want, but they will have no idea how to reach those results. They will not know all of the ways that they can make a room look bigger, brighter or more beautiful — you will need to show them what windows can help them reach these goals.

Architectural Windows

These windows come in a range of sizes and shapes that can work as dramatic accents for both the inside and outside of a home — some of the possibilities include arches, ovals, gothics, ellipticals and segmentals. Architectural windows give homeowners the opportunity to use their imagination and create the home of their wildest dreams. If your client is excited by the potential of architectural windows, contact us today to discuss the design possibilities and the options for customization. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made of three or more adjoining windows that protrude from the exterior of the home. The renovation adds a dynamic extension to the outside of the house, and a beautiful space inside of the house. Bay windows are built for a grand view, so put them in rooms reserved for entertaining like the dining room or the living room. This type of window also offers up a fantastic opportunity for interior design — the most popular bay window décor ideas involve personalizing the attached window bench with blankets, cushions and art. 

Bow Windows

Bow windows are almost identical to bay windows — instead of the more structural shape, bow windows are smoothly arced in a semi-circle. A bow window is a great choice for any homeowner that wants to expand the space in a room without resorting to the costly task of knocking down a wall. If a homeowner wants to renovate a narrow or stuffy space, they should choose a bow window for a solution.


A skylight is a wonderful way to fill a room with natural sunlight during the day, and show off a view of the stars during the night. This type of window is prized for its ability to add brightness to a room while allowing the homeowner some privacy. Unlike windows along a wall, neighbours won’t be able to peek into your room — that major benefit of skylights makes them ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Your client may not understand that the standard picture or awning window isn’t the only option available to them. They can add dramatic flair with a series of architectural windows, expand a room with bay or bow windows, or brighten a space with a skylight. As long as your client is fully aware of the design possibilities, they should be satisfied with the windows that they choose for their renovation.


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