What You Need To Know About Awning Windows

Builders and homeowners should know of the available window styles on the market so that they can be mindful of their options when planning a new home construction or renovation. This will help homeowners better imagine what their dream home will look like and how it will function. One of the styles that builders and homeowners should know more about are awning windows.

While casement windows are hinged from the side and open outward, awning windows are hinged from the top. When this specific style is fully opened outward, it mimics the effect of a sloped roof, which is the main reason why it is called an awning window. Golden Windows offers several product lines with awning windows: GoldenClad, GoldenWood and GoldenVinyl. While each of these awning windows are the same style, they have different design elements to suit the distinct wants and needs of customers, — including frame materials, colour options and customization possibilities. Before you delve into the specifications of the GoldenClad, GoldenWood and GoldenVinyl ranges, you should know the amazing reasons why people choose awning windows for home constructions and renovations.


Extra Security

If security is a top priority or a major concern, awning windows are an excellent choice. This style of window is opened from the inside using a single handle, as opposed to pushing or pulling it open — this makes it difficult for someone to pry their way through the window from the outside. A multipoint lock system can prevent the window from being cranked or forced open. If you require operating instructions for our products, visit the resource section of our website.


Unique Design

Awning windows offer a variety of opportunities for design and decoration, both inside and outside of the house. If you want to see the various awning possibilities for your home, check out our photo gallery. The extended awning shape creates a unique and interesting appearance to the exterior of a house, especially if there is a line of awning windows placed close together. When it comes to interior design, there are several window treatment ideas that can make an awning window look beautiful without obstructing it with too many layers of fabric. It will be smart to choose pieces like blinds or Roman shades that can be easily moved out of the way when you want to open the window.


Superior Ventilation

Awning windows are known for their superior ability to encourage ventilation and air flow in a home. The clever design allows homeowners to boost air circulation even during bad weather — the awning can stay open when it is raining, snowing or hailing and stop any moisture from getting indoors. It’s incredibly important for homeowners to better their indoor air quality so that they aren’t breathing in harmful elements like dust, smoke, mold spores, chemical fumes or pet dander.

Awning windows can boost curb appeal of a home and create opportunities for beautiful window treatments in its interior. Most importantly, they can bring in plenty of fresh air during any type of weather so that residents can always breathe easy. Whether you are a builder or homeowner, you will be happy knowing exactly why these windows are a wonderful installation choice.


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