Why Kitchener Builders Are Using Energy Efficient Windows

Last year, home starts in Waterloo Region, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and townships, were up 27 percent to 4,074 units, according to The Record, in response to a combination of factors, including Ontario’s profitable real estate market, job growth and wage growth, and the region’s consistently strong population growth. Builders are benefiting from a strengthening economy in a region that’s both expanding and increasing its density, with a range of housing types being built in recent years. Housing starts are one thing, and while it’s a good sign that builders are optimistic about demand, actually selling those houses is another matter entirely.

As a builder, you have to understand what homebuyers are looking for when they purchase new construction, a real estate sector that’s more driven by trends than resale, where buyers are willing to make more compromises to live in an older neighbourhood or enjoy older architecture. One recent market trend south of the border that’s making its way to Canada has been a slight decline in the average size of homes, reversing trends for ever more square footage. However, consumers expect a trade-off for smaller sizes and are increasingly looking for developments that include energy efficient appliances and windows and doors.

When you’re choosing where to source your windows and doors in Kitchener, look for Energy Star products that consumers will recognize as high-performance products that will save them money when they get their hydro bills every month. There are several factors behind this new market trend: first of all, everyone in Ontario is upset about rising hydro bills and these ongoing expenses are at the top of homebuyers’ minds. The more they can cut down on their monthly expenses from the get-go, the more appealing a new build home will seem. The other factor to consider is that a new generation of homebuyers have become more prominent on the market; so-called first Millennials have reached the life stage where they are entering the housing market, and many are looking for ways to remain environmentally responsible and reduce their carbon footprint.

At Golden Windows, we work extensively with developers, contractors, and homeowners in Kitchener and across Ontario by building custom, energy efficient windows and doors. We offer windows and doors in all styles, shapes, sizes, while we offer a range of material options including wood, aluminum, and vinyl. We also offer different options for Low Emissivity glazing, the coating responsible for bouncing back UV and infrared light that helps homeowners control the temperature in their home. If you’re interested in using locally-made, high-performing windows and doors in your next project, you can contact us or visit a Golden Windows showroom in your area.

In addition to offering Energy Star windows and doors, Golden Windows is also an ISO-certified company (ISO 9001), meaning that we consistently provide high-quality products that will perform to their specifications. Homebuyers will appreciate our durable, easy to maintain products and you can keep up with current buying trends by upgrading to energy efficient technology. Stop by our showrooms or give us a call anytime.


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