Why You Should Shop Local

Why You Should Shop Local

People are usually encouraged to shop for groceries at local businesses instead of larger chains because it has a positive impact on the community. In the same vein, people can also benefit from supporting local businesses for other products, like windows and doors. Buying local products and supporting local workers has many perks like getting better service, improving the environment and creating overall community growth. Whether you’re buying berries or windows, supporting a local supplier will be incredibly rewarding.

Golden Windows is the local company that you can count on to make your window and door renovation go smoothly. If you are looking for brand new windows or custom doors in Kitchener this year, we have a Kitchener showroom. If you want to find a door company in London for your home improvement project, we have a showroom in London. We even have a showroom in Kanata, just on the outskirts of Ottawa — we can serve citizens in Kanata, along with all of the people in Canada’s great capital.


Stronger Customer Service

When you use a local business over a larger big-name supplier, you are going to receive better customer service. A local business will have a lot more commitment to customer service because they have more at stake than the competition. The company is representing their own product and service, so they will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the job is done right. With a local business, the customer service is guaranteed to be more personalized, hands-on and ultimately more rewarding.  


Greener For The Environment

Choosing local businesses is also the greener decision — choosing a bigger corporate chain will have a negative impact on the environment. Going local will lead to less processing and packaging of products, which reduces amounts of waste. The decision will also cut down on the need for transportation when it comes to shipping and delivery. Minimizing transportation will decrease environmental problems like air pollution and traffic congestion. So, if you live in Kitchener and purchase Kitchener's best windows and doors from the local Golden Windows, there will be a lot less transportation needed for delivery. Reducing levels of pollution is an essential step to a cleaner environment and a better future.


Better Growth for The Economy

When you become a patron at a local business in place of a larger supplier, you make a positive impact on your community. Local businesses generate more economic activity than big box retail. There is a study that found that for every $100 spent at a large chain retailer, only $43 remained in the community. In the same case, when it came to spending $100 at a local business, $68 dollars remained in the community. Local businesses will give back to their community, whether it is by supporting other near-by businesses, hiring local citizens or by improving the area around them.


Home builders benefit from local businesses for work supplies like windows and doors because local businesses can offer faster service and easier delivery. A home builder or contractor might also want to discuss specific needs in-person instead of over-the-phone or by email — visiting the local supplier is a simple and efficient solution. More importantly, when project developers and contractors use local businesses for their clients, they strengthen the local economy. For example, when a local home builder in London, Ontario, uses the local Golden Windows for their clients in London, the entire community will benefit from supporting itself. 


Becoming a loyal customer of a local business is a rewarding decision, whether you are purchasing groceries or materials for your renovation. Local businesses will provide stronger customer service because they are personally invested in their own products and services. These businesses are a more environmentally-friendly option, reducing packaging waste and air pollution. These businesses also help the local economy grow and give back to their community. Here at Golden Windows, we know that when you buy from a local business, you do more than supporting the business itself.


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