Window Renovations Are Crucial to Developing Passive Homes

Anyone who’s been through a painstakingly long and arduous home renovation knows what a toll they can take on a household. The construction, the noise, and the mess combined mean that lots of families simply move out of their homes for as long as it takes for the ordeal to be over. In the end, most people take the trouble to go through it all because a great renovation means a beautiful room, better appliances, more light, better safety standards, or all of the above.

What if you could achieve all those things through a much simpler process while also ensuring that you were actually investing in future savings and starting on a path to environmentally friendly efficiency standards? Researchers who care about designing green homes and making the lifestyles of future generations less harmful to the planet have found that one of the most wasted sources of natural energy available to us is solar power. Though techniques like passive home design have been implemented under different names through human history, they’re now beginning to compete with a mainstream housing market that simply needs to be altered if we’re to have a greener future. Because Golden Windows not only designs windows and doors that exceed efficiency recommendations but also maintain an Environmental Commitment in all our manufacturing processes, we are proud to help affiliated builders, renovators, and clients begin or remain on the path to green energy.

The reason windows are the perfect place to start creating a greener lifestyle has to do with the fact that their size and placement can do wonders to heat and cool your home without any active energy source aside from the sun. The earth’s tilt and rotation mean that the sun is at its highest and lowest points on the summer and winter solstice, respectively, and windows can therefore be constructed and shaded to let in less sunlight in the summer and more in the winter.

Double and triple-paned windows filled with argon gas, as well as glass coated with a Low-E treatment prevent the conduction of heat, make it easier to keep home interiors at desirable temperatures. With options like our Superspacer™ upgrade, which further increases the product’s energy ratings, you’re guaranteed an increase in your annual energy savings. You will also simultaneously be getting an addition to your home that is expertly manufactured to aesthetically cohere with the interior and exterior style of the home, and remains maintenance-free and user-friendly all year round.

As a local Canadian business, we make it a priority to partner with other local builders and renovators in order to provide the best services possible. It means that the people working to install everything in your home know the product incredibly well, have worked with our manufacturers and designers before, and are more than qualified to provide information on everything from the lighting and energy efficiency to the rights that accompany your warranty.

A simple window and door renovation can put you on the track to greener housing in no time! Learn more about energy saving techniques by perusing our product lines and galleries. 


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