You’ll Never Run Out of Home Style and Design Options Again

At the finishing stages of building a home, frustration can climb to new levels. Too much hard work and too many resources have been invested to turn back now—and far too many things are still left to do. Creating a beautiful, functional, and unique space can seem impossible when every step presents its own hurdles. Don’t let windows and doors become that kind of hassle. Our selections online and in our showrooms are vast and full of variety,  you won’t simply find the same wooden window with ten different varnishes, and can actually shop for your specific needs and wants instead.


It’s always obvious when a manufacturer that sells lots of different home products but doesn’t specialize in any of them creates a selection for more experienced, knowledgeable, and professional builders and renovators to choose from. The products don’t match different demands, focus too much on presenting visual rather than authentic variety of shape, architecture, lining, and size, and never last long.


Our company grew organically out of Kitchener, Ontario to serve the local community’s needs, and expanded based on the preferences and demand that were actually out there. The weather-proofing required during Canadian winters and Low-E glass options with argon gas make our products so energy efficient. Aluminum clad wood and vinyl options provide the low maintenance, easy cleaning profiles that homeowners love. Since we know that style does matter, a huge array of options for grille patterns and hardware finishes allow builders and renovators to match the product to the home they’re servicing. The common interior and exterior elements on each window ensures that aesthetically, it’ll fit right in.


We believe in continuously learning more about the industry, we love your challenges. They give us room to grow and create premium quality, long-lasting solutions for every problem you face. Currently, we face the ongoing global crisis of climate change, and are always finding ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency both in the manufacturing plant and in the home of our consumers. Our products are tested to outperform national efficiency standards so that you always come out on top of bills.  This added benefits means that you’re more comfortable and protected from outside temperatures than ever before.


Our relationships with suppliers, dealers, builders, and renovators mean that we care about craftsmanship and quality. Instead of simply churning out product, we actively participate in a collaborative and integrated process to deliver the best possible results consistently and on time. This is why so many of our representatives also have experience in design and distribution — so that their knowledge is always expanding. Explore our incredible selection of products, resources and extra information available to our professional partners to learn more.


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